A Battle Long Over-Due: Medical Professionals Combat the Over-prescription of Ritalyn/ Adderall

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD)…If you are considering beginning to medicate or are ALREADY medicating…If you have a child who moves a little too much, speaks a little too loud, generally makes his or her teacher work a little too hard and you are wondering (or the teacher is suggesting) that your child be tested, PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!!
Leading professionals in the medical field who deal with ADHD, are heading to Washington to do battle with the Pharmeceutical companies and the FDA. These companies are making huge profits on the over-prescribing of ADHD medication for
children. We all know the scary numbers of children who are taking Ritalyn, Adderall and the other ADHD medications. These medications seem like miracle drugs for many, causing even more parents to feel comfortable in choosing this option of treatment. But there is an ugly side to these medications.

Before you medicate your child— do your homework!! Don’t just accept your teacher’s, school counselor’s or your physician’s conclusions. Be informed before you take this leap. Be proactive about knowing the ill effects, both short and long term, before you decide to give these drugs to your child. Know your alternatives. The alternatives may be more work for you, but the effort will be worth it. (I know you are tired of hearing me say that. But aren’t the best things in life always more work?!?!?

If you are already medicating, its never too late to stop. Look into your other options. Discuss with your doctor the best way to discontnue drug use and try other well-proven alternatives.
Before you do anything…READ THIS ARTICLE:
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1 – I do understand your point about the recent knee-jerk reaction to active kids. Here in the Midwest we seem to have a different reaction. I can’t tell you the number of times that black children have been labeled as “Bad Kids,” when they may, in fact, have ADHD, ADD, or IIC (Inhibited Impulse Control). In my neighborhood elementary school,I regularly see our few black kids sitting in the hallway during class. I’m not saying that they all have ADHD, but I wonder if it’s just easier to shove them out the door than to approach the parents.I agree with the cautious, careful, informed approach to diagnosis. I am not a fan of pill-popping parenting. In fact, it makes it harder on those of us who, truly, have ADHD children. Teachers in our local school, often, can not believe that my son has ADHD, RAD, and IIC. We think that this was actually a physical mis-wiring of the brain from trauma either prior to or just after birth. Anyway, I have worked very hard to seek doctors and mental health professionals to educate me and help him. His medicine has been carefully adminstered, and the dosage titrated to the lowest possible dose. He is a “normal” highly functioning child. (Comment this)
Written by: Julie Cuzick at 2006/04/18 – 17:29:01
2 – This is a very important piece of writing. My son has Cerebral Palsy and suffers from seizures. He sees 5 different specialists and they all had him on medication for one thing or the other. There came a time when he was on so many different medications that it landed him in the hospitals. As parents, we are suppose to trust that doctors know what they are doing. But we have to be informed and be advocates for out children.Thanks,Blaquehttp://blaquexperience.proboards106.com (Comment this)
Written by: Blaque at 2006/05/23 – 20:47:43



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