Family Meal Challenge: Starts July 1st

Whether you want to start a plan to regularly eat together or just add to the number of times you already dine as a family, join our group to receive daily tips, insights and encouragement. We will be an accountability group for each other.

Here is how The Summer Family Meal Challenge works:

The challenge officially begins on Monday, June 1st. and will continue for six weeks of Family Meal Fun!!

What you do:
1. You sign up by either joining our Summer Family Meal Challenge Google Group (click the box below) or by leaving your email address in the comment box below. We will do the rest.
2. For 6 weeks you commit to serving a home-cooked meal for your family to eat together at least twice a week. Not too ambitious right?
3. Reap the benefits of the Family Meal Magic.

What you get:
1. You will receive a daily encouragement email to keep you going and give you ideas about how to make it work—Recipes, advice and tips.
2. We’ll hear from experts–chefs, organizational gurus and domestic goddesses about how to better prepare our meals, structure our time and run our households.
3. You’ll join a support group of caring parents committed to improving their children’s lives, just like you!
4. You’ll experience a positive shift in your family as everyone begins to appreciate your efforts, your nutritious meals and your family’s fellowship. It may take time…but it will happen!!

Join us now. Change your family for the better… forever!!

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Summer Family Meal Challenge Join this group


  1. Hi, I’m visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an a great challenge. My family and I are looking forwad to taking part in this. My husband, our children I all are working together to grocery shop and to plan our meals. This is truely a family affair.

  3. I love this idea… plus starting by 2days/week sounds comfy. I love the idea of family meals, but sometimes schedules get complicated. We both come from families that eat while watching TV, so getting used to eat in the table has been difficult for us, but we keep trying (and that counts for me)

  4. Sounds like a great challenge. I'm lovin' your blog! and I'm adding your banner to my site.

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