Family Meal Challenge Week 1: Sunday ‘Soul Food’ Dinner

My family has begun a new tradition. We now join my parents and brother’s family every Sunday at my parent’s house for dinner. We don’t call my mother Big Momma and we rarely eat traditional soul food. But our gathering is reminiscent to the movie Soul Food! And the gathering itself is food for the soul!

This was my father’s idea and even though we are all very busy— all of the kids off in different directions all weekend—our gathering has become a welcome respite. My parent’s house has always been a place of sanctuary and a preferred destination for everyone. We’ve only been coming for dinner for a month or so, but it feels like we have always done this. We look forward to it all week!

Rituals are a very important part of family life. Studies show that families that incorporate regular and consistent communal practices reap the benefits far beyond the enjoyment of the ritual itself. Rituals help bind the family, reduce stress and keep everyone on a more even emotional keel.
What family rituals can you begin or revive?!?

Don’t forget to check-in at The Family Meal Challenge page. Lots of quick and easy recipes and tools to help you organize your family meals. ALSO, lots of ways to save!! Click HERE!



  1. Those studies are right! and so are you =)

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