Kanye, What Would Your Mother Think? (Video)

When one of our famous young Black American celebrities messes up big time, I know I show my age when I react because my first thought is (and usually my first words are), “what would his mother think of that?” We Black mothers tend to take on the responsibility of our entire race of children when we see them act up publicly. I thought about Serena William’s mother when I saw Serena lose it at the US Open. And I thought about Kanye’s mother when I witnessed Kanye’s most embarrassing and disgraceful behavior to date, at the VMA awards. I was so very upset with him!!

All I can say is—we cannot take on all of the children of color. We can only be responsible for our own. All we can do is teach and nag and model the right way to conduct ourselves. All we can do is try with our every action and word to talk about respect and compassion and self-restraint. The video of Kanye’s interview with Jay Leno (below) touches me because it illustrates what we old parents already know. Which is, you can put the right things into your child. You cannot guarantee that they will always uphold a high standard of behavior. But it’s in there. And even when you are gone, at the end of the day, they will come back to it.

In this interview, Kanye’s silence speaks volumes!

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  1. I agree it does speak volumes doesn't it, and I believe he had a good mother. His actions were horrible, and I hope he is truly sorry for what he did.

    Luckily I grew up in a household where I was taught there was no difference in color. It saddens me to think Kanye thinks there is a difference, because that's what it seems like.

    In fact after my mother died her good friend and neighbor became like a second mother to me, and she was a black woman. She taught me early that she has no patience for bad behavior or disrespect, and that is something that has stayed with me. She taught me great values, and so did my mother.

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it, and I am glad you posted it!

  2. I think parents need to stand up to the fact that their kids idolize this fool. Can we stop them from doing so….no, but we sure as hell dont have to bend over backwards to try and identify with the reasons WHY they think its so cool that he does what he does.

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