15 Fabulous Blogs– Share the Love And the Award!

I have been the joyful recipient of  The Best Blog Award!! Yay, Whoo Hoo! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the kind and generous NewYorkCitySingleMom, who bestowed this honor upon me.  I am, in turn, asked to pay it forward and pass the award onto 15 other blogs that I have newly discovered and love. According to the rules, I accept this reward, post it on my blog with the name of the person who granted it and her link. Then I contact the blog choices to let them know they have been chosen.

So without further ado, here is my list of the most deserving, fantabulous bloggers. It took me a minute to compose this list because there are so many wonderful, wonderful blogs out there! But if you love beauty, commitment, passion and food,  you’ll love these bloggers like I do:

1. Shameeka at TheBrokeSocialite, because her fabulousness knows no bounds!
2. Natalie at TheFrugalista because she can “go indie” and we’ll still find her!
3. Raquel at HomeGirlBlog because her site is hap’nin and inspirational all the time!
4. Elita of Blacktating because she is has a mighty mission. With 6+ years of nursing under my belt. I am a fellow-crusader!
5. Lisa at GhettoFashionista because she loves the fashion flawless First Lady, Mrs. O, as much as I do!
6. Krystal at krystalgrant.com because her blog is like going to your girlfriends house for a visit.
7. Elise at SimplyRecipes.com because her site is simply lovely.
8. Sheela at DelectableVictuals because I always leave wanting to cook and that’s a miracle.
9. Helen of Tartelette.com because dessert with a gorgeous presentation is makes me so very happy.
10.Carrie at deliciouslyorganic because her beautiful site inspires the organic choice like nothing else…even better than a trip through Whole Foods Market!
11. Monique of DivaCanCook because that soul food my girl is cooking up is the best! She makes me think maybe I can do it, too!
12. Natasha of ThatsSoYummy.com because her site is like going to your girlfriends house for dinner.
13 Sheena and Greg of MommyDaddyBlog.com because their depiction of new parenthood is so poignant and the baby pics are more than I can bear!
14. Kat and Dave at TodaysCliche.com because they have captured the married-with-family challenge perfectly. I love what they are doing. I wish I’d thought of it!
15. Angela at Finding an Angel  because she takes you along on her mission to adopt and you find yourself pulling for her every inch of the way!



  1. I'm so very flattered, Gina! Thank you for this award.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am blushing… Thank u so very much for the award I am flattered beyond belief.


  3. Oh Gina, Thank you so much. You have made the first day of 2010 very special to me. I appreciate you. Happy New Year.

  4. Thank you so much!! I have so much gratitude for you thinking of me. How awesome! I'm tickled.

  5. Thank you for acknowledging me, Gina, it is much appreciated it! Happy new year!

  6. THANK YOU! I am honored and thirlled that you thought of me! *blushing*

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