Purposeful Parenting

I’ve been asked to add my voice to the ThinkAct: Proactive Black Parenting blog. Needless to say, I eagerly accept the challenge. Since the regular readers of this blog are accustomed to a certain tone, I thought it might be a good idea for me to introduce my general thoughts on the subject of parenting.

First of all, let me start by saying, I believe parenting is the most difficult job in the world. In the same vein, it can also be the most rewarding undertaking of your life. But how can you determine if you are a successful parent? Well, first of all you have to establish what your purpose or goal is as a parent. Many people mistakenly think that the objective of parenting is to make their children happy. They work themselves into a frenzy trying to give their children all the things they never had. Undoubtedly there is no greater joy than to delight your child. What makes them happy, however, is not always good for them. My son would be absolutely elated, if I allowed him to eat candy bars for breakfast every day. Now, admittedly he occasionally gets away with starting his day off with a Snickers bar. Albeit a tasty breakfast, as his mom, it is my job to think more about his long-term well-being than his temporary satisfaction. I have to make sure he has nutritious food to fortify his body, so that he can in the short-term ward off infections and diseases, and in the long-term live a long and healthy life.

You see, every decision we make as parents has long term effects. Some will be good and others not so much. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal should always be to set our children on the path to becoming self-sufficient adults, who can function properly in society. Unfortunately for you helicopter parents, this means you will occasionally have to allow your children to fail and/or suffer the repercussions of their bad decisions. 

In the next several weeks, while I guest post, I would like to explore the topic of purposeful parenting. What’s it all for? Of course, I will try to throw in a few funny anecdotes here and there. But mostly, I would like to provide you with some tips on getting your children ready for the real world.

Kimberly Clark is a married mother of two and stepmother to one. She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids and talking to her numerous friends. She has been blessed with the ability and compassion to offer love and support to a broad range of people. Those of us who know Ms. Clark love her for her intellect, straight-shooting honesty and sister-girl humor. She has taken her gift of sage-wise friendship experiences and incorporated them into her first book, No Love Lost – A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Women Who Never Want to Know the Agony of Lost Love. No Love Lost is a scripture-based relationship book. Her second book, Save It for Ya Momma, is a gripping novel about the crippling effects a mother’s love (or lack thereof) can have on an individual’s life.

Both books can be purchased on www.amazon.com or at www.lulu.com/kimberlyclark

Kimberly Clark is also a prolific and trade-savvy freelance copywriter for various ezines and websites. She would love your feedback. Feel free to leave her a question or comment here or you can reach her by email at authorkimberlyclark@yahoo.com.

Welcome, Kim. Honored to have you!


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