The Security of a Schedule!

Give a gift to your child: Set-up a homework routine early.

I am truly elated that school is back in session. Make no mistakes about it, I thoroughly believe that kids need a break from the daily rigors of academia. But I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that I love having the house to myself for eight hours on the days I work from home.

Even though I totally enjoy the lazy days of summer, there is just something to be said about the security of a schedule. And even though they may say otherwise, children love routines. It makes them feel safe and secure, because they know exactly what’s expected of them.

One routine that had fallen by the wayside in my household was helping the kids with their homework. Now don’t get me wrong, my children do their homework and do it quite well. But they’ve pretty much gotten to a point where they do it all on their own; without any prodding and with little or no assistance from me. You see, they know what’s expected of them. If the television is on after school, you best believe they’ve already completed their math assignments. If the computer is on during the school week, they better be working on a research project or writing an essay.

Yep, my kids’ afterschool routine is well set because it was established at a very young age. When they would get home from preschool, they were required to tell me about their day– what they learned, and if they had any homework. At that tender age, they could usually only remember what they ate for lunch that day and that they had homework, which they were eager to do. So after getting an afterschool snack, we would sit down and work on their assignments. This routine continued until they were in the 4th or 5th grade, depending on the child. But by the time they entered Middle School, they had it down pat. 

I still ask them when they get home, if they have homework, even though I know they would do it even if I didn’t ask. Why? Because they want to succeed and they know that getting good grades is a stepping stone to getting where they want to be in life. They know this because I constantly tell them.

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