Hood Health: Change Your Neighborhood, Change Yourself

 C’BS ALife Allah offers his community and ours Hood Health Handbooks to educate us about health issues that plague people of color, and to get us to consider that our lifestyle choices often make us “the authors of our own dis-ease.” In the Hood Health Handbook, a collaboration of experts in nutrition, medicine, law, fitness and holistic health,  sheds light on how people of color can heal our ourselves and communities, and address some of the social disparities that exist for just-us. In an optimistic, proactive way, Allah asks us to demand of ourselves and those who impact our health and quality of life– our rightful access to better food, clean air and water, and quality of life, for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

Check out the trailers for his book series- The Hood Health Handbooks!
GO HERE to see  C’BS ALife Allah‘s recent interview by Mom Clean Air Force member, Abbie Walston, the Farmer’s Daughter.


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