Why My Vote is with President Obama

Why I am voting for President Barack Obama:

I have a million reasons for voting for President Obama, some are rational and others not so much.  I’d like to share the rational ones. President Obama has been a good president. He has been steadfast in historically difficult times. He has had to face some serious obstacles– some of which we all will readily acknowledge and others that we are not so comfortable putting into words.

I have been shocked and personally devastated by what his presidency brings to the surface in this country. In matters of race and privilege, the ugly pathology of race and classicism of  which we thought we’d cured ourselves turns out to be trickier than we care to admit. And while we like to speak about a post-racial America, it turns out racism and classism most resemble  Herpes in that when you think they’ve gone away, they have only gone underground and will surely resurface again when conditions are right. We have seen this resurfacing in the most profound and alarming way these past four years.

I mention race and class here only to express  my opinion that the President has done a remarkable job despite the partisan-backed hatred-fear-engendering obstructionism that he has faced since taking office.

So I am voting for Obama because:

1. Economic Recovery: My family is better off than we were four years ago. We, like many of the rest of the nation, suffered the economic downturn. But we have been on a steady road to recovery, like the rest of the country. Everyone knows that our recovery will take time. And no one can deny that we have experienced 30 straight months of economic growth!

2. Marriage: I love that the Obama’s have been the model of a loving and balanced marriage. I am proud that the President stands behind the right of EVERYONE to experience the kind of marriage he enjoys with the First Lady.

3. Affordable Care Act: I have a household full of college-aged kids. Thanks to Obamacare, they have been able to remain covered! This is no small matter for a family of five children.

3. Taxes and  Budget: I do not believe that we can cut our way to prosperity. Those of us who can most afford it should pay more taxes. The middle class deserved the tax relief they experienced under the Obama administration. And like the President, I do believe that investment on education, manufacturing and alternative energy is important.

4. I am a Woman: The President supports women. And even though I plan to hold him to his commitment to the protection of women’s rights, I know that he began his presidency with the passage of  the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and that’s putting your money where your mouth is.

4. Decisive Leadership. I am voting against Mitt Romney because when someone shows you repeatedly that they stand for nothing and everything all at once, believe them. We are in a critical place in history. We cannot afford a president who waivers and shifts with  party pressure and the polls.  I want to keep the President who has shown that he can stand firm on his beliefs and his vision for the country!

Even though I have always supported the President, I am not going to vote early. I am voting on election day in my community, with my neighbors, because even though we may have different lawn signs in front of our houses and different points of view, we are all in this together!


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