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Mother Love Can Change the World

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Is Clean Air is Sexy Enough for You?

It’s the end of the year and my mailbox is full of solicitations from non-profits seeking end-of-year donations. The solicitations are becoming more and more beautiful and heart wrenching. I want to give to them all and I feel a mixture of guilt and sadness when I throw all of the pretty paper away because […]

Is There Really Any Good Clean Air News

We mothers in Texas are watching and wondering if anyone really cares about us, our children and our health. We are working to keep our voices in the mix, but we need some hope and encouragement. Fortunately, good things are happening! Read More

What I Learned about African American Asthma Rates and What Can Be Done About It

A very informative exchange happened in the Mom’s Clean Air Force community this month. We held two events surrounding the topic, African American Asthma Rates and What Moms Can Do About It.  First there was a Blog Radio discussion moderated by Blogher’s Renee Ross, an African-American colleague of mine who is the Blogher Health editor […]

EPA’s Lisa P. Jackson Representin’ on Jon Stewart– Just Right!

Click Picture for video Lisa J. Jackson, the current EPA Administrator, was cool, collected, and low key when she appeared on the Jon Stewart show this week. I appreciated her demeanor. As the Administrator for an agency under attack, she has to be credible, authoritative and solid. She has to make folks feel that the […]

Scholastic: A Black Mother Thanks You. But She’s Watching You, too!

Dear Scholastic, Of the 34.7 million students who attend U.S. elementary and middle public schools, 15.6% are African American. Those African-American children are 3 times more likely to die from asthma and visit emergency rooms 4.5 times more for asthma related problems. They have a 250% higher hospitalization rate and a 500% higher death rate […]

Love Letter to Hilton Kelley– Texas’ Goldman Environmental Prize Winner

Photo credit: roy.luck via Wikimedia Commons Dear Mr. Hilton Kelley, Congratulations on your recognition as a one of the 2011 winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize. The Goldman Prize is often referred to as the “green Nobel Prize.” It is awarded to six individuals from around the world whose extraordinary grassroots efforts protect the planet.You […]

Why Clean Air is a Social Justice Issue that Black Folks Should Care About Most

“At first glance, air pollution generally and power plant pollution specifically, would not seem to rank among the highest priorities for African-Americans. However, African-Americans are disproportionately affected by power plant emissions because we are concentrated in large urban centers, suffer higher rates of asthma and share a historical bond with the developing world where climate […]