Why My Vote is with President Obama

Why I am voting for President Barack Obama: I have a million reasons for voting for President Obama, some are rational and others not so much.  I’d like to share the rational ones. President Obama has been a good president. He has been steadfast in historically difficult times. He has had to face some serious […]

Five Reasons Why We Need The EPA

In the clean air fight, opponents of the Mercury Standards and Toxics Rules have begun to step up their game with fresh attacks on the EPA. There is an apparent collective Congressional brain fog about the history and origins of the EPA, the agency established as a bipartisan effort under Republican president, Richard Nixon. Given […]

Clean Air is Possible! But You Gotta Act!

Diane Nash, Orgainizer/Freedom Rider. She would not be deterred.* I was having lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago and I asked her if she knew anyone with asthma. This is part of my own little inquiry into how common asthma is in Houston. And sure enough, my friend said her son, too, […]

Hood Health: Change Your Neighborhood, Change Yourself

 C’BS ALife Allah offers his community and ours Hood Health Handbooks to educate us about health issues that plague people of color, and to get us to consider that our lifestyle choices often make us “the authors of our own dis-ease.” In the Hood Health Handbook, a collaboration of experts in nutrition, medicine, law, fitness and holistic […]

What I Learned about African American Asthma Rates and What Can Be Done About It

A very informative exchange happened in the Mom’s Clean Air Force community this month. We held two events surrounding the topic, African American Asthma Rates and What Moms Can Do About It.  First there was a Blog Radio discussion moderated by Blogher’s Renee Ross, an African-American colleague of mine who is the Blogher Health editor […]

Do Online Petitions Work? Experts Say Yes and I Am Counting on It!

Don’t make a Black Mom Angry Do online petitions work?  Do they effectuate change? Yes, they do. Jane Cravens of discusses the evolution of online petitions from the early form of email petitions that proved to be unreliable and ineffective to the newest website-based versions that have impressive track records. Cravens highlights the online […]

Young Environmentalists: Green Teens and Clever Kids

Studies show that kids, particularly teens, are eco-savvy these days. Unlike most of their parents, this generation of kids has grown up with a consciousness about the environment and our threat upon it. I reported two years ago that in many households children are taking the lead in making their homes more eco-friendly and their families […]

Why Clean Air is a Social Justice Issue that Black Folks Should Care About Most

“At first glance, air pollution generally and power plant pollution specifically, would not seem to rank among the highest priorities for African-Americans. However, African-Americans are disproportionately affected by power plant emissions because we are concentrated in large urban centers, suffer higher rates of asthma and share a historical bond with the developing world where climate […]

Reason Reigns in Arizona!

I feel bad. I attended a lovely wedding this morning. And at the reception, I harangued an old friend of mine who is a native Arizonian about the craziness going on in his home state.He shrugged, shook his head in embarrassment and mutual disbelief. I attacked my friend because I had had enough bad news from the […]

Anonymous Mentoring

Sometimes you mentor on purpose and sometimes you impact a life you don’t even know about. In my relentless need to be bite off more than I can chew, I signed up to be a mentor to a child with an incarcerated parent. Even though I have a demanding schedule with working a full-time job, […]