July 4th, Simple Pleasures and the Pursuit of Joy

On the Fourth of July, I was reminded of how delicious simple pleasures can be. This year, my family enjoyed the holiday at home. We usually spend the day at my parents’, where we join my brother’s family and sometimes friends. But this year, since we live closer to some of the big firework displays […]

The Butterfly Effect: Personal Power and Global Responsibility

Andy Andrew’s The Boy Who Changed the World is a gem of a concept in a gem of a book. I have been talking about Andrew’s handling of the Butterfly Effect everywhere I go lately because it is a great way to illustrate an important and timely lesson for kids, especially teens (and adults for […]

Gratitude is Good for Our Health Says Dr. Andrew Weil and I Believe Him!

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the charismatic and holistic practitioner who I follow almost religiously, gratitude is good for our health. He sites several studies that say that thankfulness and the resulting social connectiveness bring about and help maintain good health, longevity and even prolonged survival for patients with very serious diseases. The recent Wall Street Journal […]

Teaching Gratitude: Ten Ways

Gratitude is a virtue that is taught. We come into this world utterly selfish beings. At first, we only give in ways that bring good things back to us We are naturally thankful for good and pleasant things. But we may not naturally exhibit our gratitude in ways that relay our appreciation to others. It’s […]