Kids, Concentration and Cycling to School: How to beat Morning Mental Fog and Be a Better Student

The other day, when I was dropping off my son at his middle school, I noticed one of his friends. He was walking slowly from his mother’s car with his science project in his hand. He was already late. From his posture (head hung so low, I thought he was inspecting his shoes, and he […]

Black and Latino Kids Targeted with ‘Massive Amount of Marketing’ By Soda Companies

According to the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale, soda companies are aggressively targeting African-American and Latino children, toddlers and teens alike, with their ads for sports, fruit and energy drinks. And to make matters even more insulting and alarming, reports that the products that are promoted to kids of color […]

Hood Health: Change Your Neighborhood, Change Yourself

 C’BS ALife Allah offers his community and ours Hood Health Handbooks to educate us about health issues that plague people of color, and to get us to consider that our lifestyle choices often make us “the authors of our own dis-ease.” In the Hood Health Handbook, a collaboration of experts in nutrition, medicine, law, fitness and holistic […]

Why More Black Families Give Their Children Bottled Water And Why We Should Stop!

With all of this talk about childhood obesity and healthy living, it seems like the right move to give your child a bottle of water– a bottle in his or her school lunch; a bottle after school and another one after the soccer game. To be certain, water is the better choice—better than soda, sports […]

On Summer Sports, Asthma and Being Prepared with Houston Immunologist, Dr. Carlos Vital

My family is an athletic bunch. We love sports-we have  football, basketball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse players among our numbers. We are allvery active. (well, usually—I recently severely dislocated my elbow playing tennis, so I am out of commission). This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day with a family soccer game. Sunday morning was a […]

Gratitude is Good for Our Health Says Dr. Andrew Weil and I Believe Him!

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the charismatic and holistic practitioner who I follow almost religiously, gratitude is good for our health. He sites several studies that say that thankfulness and the resulting social connectiveness bring about and help maintain good health, longevity and even prolonged survival for patients with very serious diseases. The recent Wall Street Journal […]

IBC: We Gotta Talk About It

There are subjects no one wants to talk about. There are lots of subjects we Black folks try our darndest to ignore. But some things will not be ignored. Some decisions about some things do not allow inaction. For some pressing matters, inaction is action. In fact, inaction can be a decision to die. So […]

Obama Telling Their Obesity Business

Should the First Lady use her daughters’ personal health issues to highlight her anti-obesity campaign? This article has questioned if this is good for the girls’ self image. My questioning the First Lady’s use of her children anecdotally in her anti-obesity speeches is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. I, after all, […]

Family Meal Challenge Week 1: Sunday ‘Soul Food’ Dinner

My family has begun a new tradition. We now join my parents and brother’s family every Sunday at my parent’s house for dinner. We don’t call my mother Big Momma and we rarely eat traditional soul food. But our gathering is reminiscent to the movie Soul Food! And the gathering itself is food for the […]

Swine Flu with No Insurance: What if ??

What would happen if your child got the Swine flu but, like the 8.8 million other children in the U.S., you have no health insurance? Well, chances are you would want to keep her at home. But if you are working a job with little flexibility, she will likely go to school when she is already […]