Mother Love Can Change the World

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Honoring “Angry Black Women” Who Have Changed The World

At this juncture between Black History Month and Women’s History Month, is the perfect time to address the phenomenon of the Angry Black Woman— Who is this figure who strikes both dread and relentless criticism with the simple mention of her title? How is it that she has become the symbol of all things gone […]

Look Who’s Joined Moms Clean Air Force: Julianne Moore!

“Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It’s poison for our children!” Julianne Moore gets it. And I am so glad she does! I think it’s so AWESOME that our efforts at Moms Clean Air Force are attracting all of my favorite celebrity women, like Julianne Moore! It’s cool to know that I share a passion for […]

Is Clean Air is Sexy Enough for You?

It’s the end of the year and my mailbox is full of solicitations from non-profits seeking end-of-year donations. The solicitations are becoming more and more beautiful and heart wrenching. I want to give to them all and I feel a mixture of guilt and sadness when I throw all of the pretty paper away because […]

Clean Air and the EPA: Good News for Christmas

Congratulations to everyone who spoke out, wrote letters, blog posts and op eds. Congratulations to all who called legislators to task and stepped up to get the truth out. Today, we made history. Today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson unveiled the Mercury and Air Toxics rule. (read the announcement HERE) This is a landmark clean air […]

See Who’s Joined Mom’s Clean Air Force– Women and Moms We Love!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maya Rudolph!  Which is why I am so happy we are on the same team–MOM’S CLEAN AIR FORCE ROCKS!   Whoot Whoot! Ohhh, did I just scream that?!?                       Meant to! 🙂 New Moms listen up! Click HERE to hear what this […]

Is There Really Any Good Clean Air News

We mothers in Texas are watching and wondering if anyone really cares about us, our children and our health. We are working to keep our voices in the mix, but we need some hope and encouragement. Fortunately, good things are happening! Read More

Five Reasons Why We Need The EPA

In the clean air fight, opponents of the Mercury Standards and Toxics Rules have begun to step up their game with fresh attacks on the EPA. There is an apparent collective Congressional brain fog about the history and origins of the EPA, the agency established as a bipartisan effort under Republican president, Richard Nixon. Given […]

Hood Health: Change Your Neighborhood, Change Yourself

 C’BS ALife Allah offers his community and ours Hood Health Handbooks to educate us about health issues that plague people of color, and to get us to consider that our lifestyle choices often make us “the authors of our own dis-ease.” In the Hood Health Handbook, a collaboration of experts in nutrition, medicine, law, fitness and holistic […]

What I Learned about African American Asthma Rates and What Can Be Done About It

A very informative exchange happened in the Mom’s Clean Air Force community this month. We held two events surrounding the topic, African American Asthma Rates and What Moms Can Do About It.  First there was a Blog Radio discussion moderated by Blogher’s Renee Ross, an African-American colleague of mine who is the Blogher Health editor […]