Quvenzhané Wallis– I Want to Join Your Village!

The only real reason I was excited to watch the 2013 Academy Awards this past week was to catch a glimpse of Quvenzhané Wallis, the  young girl who captured my whole entire heart with her incredibly rich portrayal of  “Hush Puppy” in the movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” This untrained, break-out little actress’ performance is […]

The Butterfly Effect: Personal Power and Global Responsibility

Andy Andrew’s The Boy Who Changed the World is a gem of a concept in a gem of a book. I have been talking about Andrew’s handling of the Butterfly Effect everywhere I go lately because it is a great way to illustrate an important and timely lesson for kids, especially teens (and adults for […]

Marian Wright Edelman’s Message to Parents of Color: Wake Up!

I recently had the utter thrill of meeting someone who I have admired my entire adult life. “Admire” is such an understatement. Let’s just say, if I were prone to “groupie-hood” for anyone, I’d be a Marian Wright Edelman groupie, for sure! Ms. Edelman is the Founder and Director of the Children’s Defense Fund, wherein […]

Summer of Enlightenment- 10 Ways to Help Your Kids Avoid the Summer Academic Slip

Now that summer is upon us and we parents have that familiar emotional mix of excitement and dread– excitement to be at  the end of the grueling school year and its relentless schedule and early morning starts; dread because we are at the whim of summer– some of us still have a grueling schedule, but […]

Why I Cannot Write About Trayvon Martin

Some years ago, in the midst of the controversy over Professor Louis Gate’s arrest by officers who thought he was breaking into his own house, I wrote an article called Law Enforcement Etiquette for Black Folks: How to Act When You Encounter the Police. I received a fair amount of criticism for implying that Black […]

Black and Latino Kids Targeted with ‘Massive Amount of Marketing’ By Soda Companies

According to the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale, soda companies are aggressively targeting African-American and Latino children, toddlers and teens alike, with their ads for sports, fruit and energy drinks. And to make matters even more insulting and alarming, ColorLines.com reports that the products that are promoted to kids of color […]

I Am Kelley Williams-Bolar UPDATE

I am Kelley Williams-Bolar. I am a concerned mother who will do what it takes to keep my children safe and in the best educational environment I can put them in.  I am Kelley Williams-Bolar. I will fight for my and my children’s rights for equal opportunity and equal access.  I am Kelley Williams-Bolar. I, […]

Parent/Teacher Relationship: Your Most Important Parenting School Tool

How many times have you received a progress report and only then discovered that your child was struggling in a class- no forewarning from the teacher–no call , no email, no note- just a bad grade when its too late to effectuate any change? How many times have you discovered after the term has already […]

A Bully’s Bullseye

I, like every other parent in the world, has been deeply disturbed and quite frankly incensed by all the news stories in the last couple of weeks, featuring kids that were bullied beyond what they could bear. Kids by nature are resilient. They learn to adapt to new situations and surroundings much quicker and easier […]

Motherhood: The Oldest Form of Identity Theft

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an invigorating retreat, hosted by the Missouri City Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first Greek letter organization founded for African-American women. The attendees were all fabulous, college-educated women, many of whom were mothers and grandmothers. All of the seminars were dynamic and energizing, but […]