Gabby and the First Lady: From One Important Role Model to Another!

Okay, so my favorite part of  appearance of Gabby Douglas’ appearance with First Lady Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show  is when Leno shows an awkward picture of The First Lady doing a handstand as a child, and Gabby gives her a ten. The First Lady gives Gabby a high five and says casually, “I wish […]

Why I Cannot Write About Trayvon Martin

Some years ago, in the midst of the controversy over Professor Louis Gate’s arrest by officers who thought he was breaking into his own house, I wrote an article called Law Enforcement Etiquette for Black Folks: How to Act When You Encounter the Police. I received a fair amount of criticism for implying that Black […]

The Undercover Mother Speaks!

I am an undercover mother. Let me explain. I am a white woman raising four wonderful, multiracial (Black and Caucasian) children and I have had some interesting experiences. To further explain the totality of my disguise, I stand 5’ 1”; have blonde hair, green eyes, and a face that resorts to a smile in most […]

Dating White: You? Your Daughter?

Should Black women re-consider dating White men? Should we hand over our maintain-the-race banners in the name of “self-preservation”? Karyn Langhorne Folan thinks so and she has written a book about it. Don’t Bring Home A White Boy was written, Folan says, after her controversial op-ed piece on the subject in the Washington Post received […]

Where Hate Resides

How concerned are we about the proliferation of supremacist and hate groups in this country in the last two years? How upset should Black folks be about the fact that as of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, hate groups ballooned to a record number of 926? How much impact does this have on our […]

When Black is ‘Crazy’

I have two sons. One is a young adult who has taken the scenic route to college, while carving out a career in art. In this way, he has taken an unconventional path unconventionally. I am not being repetitive here. Not only is he taking a unconventional path- the artist’s path. He has even shaken […]

No Tolerating ‘Tolerance’

The Kinkaid School Debacle. Here are three of my least favorite phrases: Tolerance Diversity Political Correctness [If you have not read the now infamous letter authored by Hugh (“Skip”) McGee III to his children’s Houston prep school, please go HERE for a good summary or HERE for the full text]. Tolerance, diversity and political correctness […]

The "N Word" Explained (Video)

If you ever need the “N Word” explained, I proudly offer you this…Please view and Share!! If you cannot view this video here, click HERE. CLick title for full article

Black Girls, Barbie and Body Image

When I was a young mother and my daughter a toddler, I remember viewing a PBS special about negative self image in Black children. In the highlighted study, researchers gave girls the choice of a White and a Black doll, and asked them different questions about the dolls attributes. The special showed film footage of […]

He Just Wants to Belong

I am having lunch with a group of friends. We are friends because our sons are friends. But the boys are not with us today. Just us Moms. Ann* tells us that her son, Tory*, is disgusted with his Pop Warner football team because he is the only Black boy on the team and he feels […]