Quvenzhané Wallis– I Want to Join Your Village!

The only real reason I was excited to watch the 2013 Academy Awards this past week was to catch a glimpse of Quvenzhané Wallis, the  young girl who captured my whole entire heart with her incredibly rich portrayal of  “Hush Puppy” in the movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” This untrained, break-out little actress’ performance is […]

Kids, Concentration and Cycling to School: How to beat Morning Mental Fog and Be a Better Student

The other day, when I was dropping off my son at his middle school, I noticed one of his friends. He was walking slowly from his mother’s car with his science project in his hand. He was already late. From his posture (head hung so low, I thought he was inspecting his shoes, and he […]

A Plea for Education from the First Lady

In case you missed this passionate plea for education. Here is the First Lady’s memorable statement on her visit to Great Britain, her first foreign visit. She tells about her life and why education is so very important for this generation. And a special message for the future women of the world. Watch it . […]

The Help: The Assn of Black Women Historians Addresses The Issues Perfectly

So much has been said about the book and the movie,  The Help. I am not compelled to add my two cents when the issues and objections have so thoroughly and sublimely been put forth by others. I especially appreciate the position of the Association of Black Women Historians, who have allowed me to reprint their […]

Psychology Today– I Am Done With You Forever!

Psychology Today, I used to love you, but now I am DONE! You’ve made your decision to print sensationalism (for attention and click-throughs) over responsible and meaningful content. And you’ve lost at least this reader forever.  I may be ugly…but I’m not stupid!  [I am not going to link to your cite. I am not going to […]

Scared Straight After All These Years: Bad Policy, Good TV?

Remember Scared Straight!, the original 1978 documentary directed by Arnold Shapiro and narrated by Peter Falk? This documentary was a groundbreaking television special about a group of young and cocky juvenile law offenders who, as part of a juvenile rehabilitation program, got to come face-to-face with hardened criminals who told them about the harsh realities […]

Learning to Read: Picture Books Are Important, Too!

Don’t skip picture books, parents! The New York Times reports that publishers are reducing their numbers of picture book releases because parents are buying chapter books for their young children, instead of picture books. Parents are apparently feeling pressure to move their young children toward reading as soon as possible. According to the N.Y. Times […]

How To Get Boys To Read

How do you get boys to read? And not just read, how do you get them to really enjoy reading books for pleasure, as a pastime? Somehow it’s easier to get girls to read. Not too long ago, my daughter had a few friends to sleep over. My son, who is six years younger, was […]

Heads Up!: How to Save on College Books

For parents, there are lots of financially painful moments during the freshman college drop-off experience. As a parent, when you are arranging to deliver your child to their new college or university, you may already have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from all of the checks your have written and all of the credit card receipts you’ve […]

Job. Well Done!!

I’d like to start this post off by sending out a heartfelt congratulation to all of the graduating seniors, for a job well done. I would also like to send out kudos to those non-graduating high schoolers, who successfully completed yet another grueling academic year. As you recuperate from all those essays, pop quizzes, projects […]