Is There Really Any Good Clean Air News

We mothers in Texas are watching and wondering if anyone really cares about us, our children and our health. We are working to keep our voices in the mix, but we need some hope and encouragement. Fortunately, good things are happening! Read More Advertisements

Five Reasons Why We Need The EPA

In the clean air fight, opponents of the Mercury Standards and Toxics Rules have begun to step up their game with fresh attacks on the EPA. There is an apparent collective Congressional brain fog about the history and origins of the EPA, the agency established as a bipartisan effort under Republican president, Richard Nixon. Given […]

Clean Air is Possible! But You Gotta Act!

Diane Nash, Orgainizer/Freedom Rider. She would not be deterred.* I was having lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago and I asked her if she knew anyone with asthma. This is part of my own little inquiry into how common asthma is in Houston. And sure enough, my friend said her son, too, […]

Scholastic: A Black Mother Thanks You. But She’s Watching You, too!

Dear Scholastic, Of the 34.7 million students who attend U.S. elementary and middle public schools, 15.6% are African American. Those African-American children are 3 times more likely to die from asthma and visit emergency rooms 4.5 times more for asthma related problems. They have a 250% higher hospitalization rate and a 500% higher death rate […]